Leaving official education and making the jump into that real world

20 Jun

Its been a while since my last post, reviewing of comments and all since in a-level land its exam time!

This wednesday i finish my exams, and as soon as possible i will be working full time as a labourer on building sites or doing landscape gardening – the ideas that i get stronger and can freestyle all day to beats in headphones/on the radio all day and at the end of the week get paid for all this personal advancement..

I feel as though im looking forwards to freedom, and in many ways i am – the freedom that comes with having my own money in my pocket, having my own place and being able to pursue my own education and music career (judging on the state of the industry for non-capitalist/commercial hip hop vocation might be a better term).

That seems like a damn lot of freedom, and it will be. But i wonder how much freedom i am trading for it? I will be paying for my own food, gas and electricity, rent and all, il be going from a day of broken up lessons or bunking to solid work that i really cant and wont bunk, a college place was also garunteed whereas a job certainly isnt, i’ll have to do my own clothes washing and (absurdly small amounts of) ironing – i’ve already taken over the rest of the chores. I have the option of squatting, which i  probably will be till me and my mates have enough money to get a place, in the long term this would seem to free me in some ways – rents free, can (and have to) move around alot blardey blah – but i’ve been warned that ‘squatting becomes your life’, so it seems to limit your freedom as much as it does increase it. Oh the conundrums of life and wotnot. Some of these things may be frivolous, its all conjecture – i dont know what this shits gonna be like.

Ah well, its coming, im looking forwards to it, ive checked all the boxes of manhood now, actually like the taste of beer, man-sized, tatoo, voiced and walking – sometimes smelling. All i need now is harder stuble and 2 more days. I read like a bit of a cliche, fuck it, i style that out.

Sorry about the babbling musings, just remembered one of my philosophy exam question today was about how far or at all the state  should be able to limit our individual liberty – as you can imagine i had a bit of a field day with that one. Forget this stuff is supposed to be intresting, maybe it is, in a slightly mundane way – oh well its better than some abstract theorising chokabloc with jargon.



Some of these things may be frivolous, its all conjecture – i dont know what


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