ALARM – a work in progress

20 Jun

Ive been a lazy bastard the last few weeks and i havent been at the main or local alarm meetings – we’ll actually i have been very busy is so.

Been keeping up to date with the minutes, and watching the discussion email thread discend into stupid arguments and some peoples withdrawl from the group (though i believe they intend to maintain a working relationship – so i dont really understand the need to leave the group?) over some really silly small shit, i read it all after it happened and it made for some absurd and depressing reading. The meeting on sunday and hanging round at LARC raise my spirits back to normal levels, ive mentionedbefore ive never been in a group before and am trepadatious about dumb infighting over the ‘5% we disagree about’ or logistics so i wasnt sure if this would set off some odd chain reaction, but though the meeting was smaller, it was much more buisness like (oh no soon we will turn into bankers :@) and completely good natured, i also got to melt at and admire a beautifull baby girl(not slang). Its a work in progress, and it seems to me progress is being made as we flesh the exacts of alarm out, and local groups get their names out and bring some people into the fold. All good.

Oh and, im new to this shit, so i dont know if it was innapropriate talking so frankly about events with people, let me know if it is, im not sure if i will care – i dont mean to be facetious but im very intolerant of intolerance especially if its detrimental to the revolution, we need to be disciplined (relativley, im not talkin uniforms here) if we are going to really get anywhere, and its sorta embaressin to see conflicts between adults who hold they know the truth as to how the world should be, that remind me of petty disputes and falling outs among kids round here. Look at the SWP, we pretty much reckon theyre canniving idiots who are wrong in their political outlook, and despite stupid divisions and blardeyblahblah they still have alot of ‘members’ and have their name out there on loads of shit – why? their snakey, canniving ways certainly help, but thats only a part of the reason for their (at least numerical) sucess. Its cause they are disciplined, theyre out there, handing out flyers, badgering people, doing this that and the blah and they seem to be able to mobilize alot of people to do this boring shit – theyre the first experience of radical politics for most people. Im not callin anarchists as a whole undisciplined because they are not and there are alot out there doin alot of work, the ‘boring’ stuff (Which i thinks pretty fun actually), puttin in the hours seperate of smashing banks and graffing at night or whatnot.

All i know is, when i talk to people about anarchist ideas, they are almost always very receptive and intrested – i dont know if this is strictly a very recent trend, but whether or not it is, i firmly believe our main priority needs to be just getting our ideas out, on the internet and on the street, getting out there handing flyers out, putting posters and stickers up, merging your daily routine with spreading our ideas – take some flyers with you on your way to the newsagent, try to talk to someone at the bus stop about it – whatever. Im sure at the very least there must be a million peopel in london that alraedy agree funementally with our ideasor at the very least share our diagnosis of the problem – at the VERY least, i reckon this by the proportion of people in the local area (bermondsey/walworth/peckham) that have responded positivley when ive talked to them.

Sooo…get on your bike and enlarge the family! Its easier and funner than you think!


One Response to “ALARM – a work in progress”

  1. charlotterants June 20, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    I reckon what with all the protests people are now growing more accepting perhaps to the idea of no government, especially now they’re making sitauations become worse and worse?
    nice blog7

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